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This unforgettable tour is fun for all ages, so bring the whole family. After your tour, enjoy a stroll through our historic nature trail at no additional cost.

  • Adults $9.50
  • Seniors & Veterans $8.50
  • Students $7.50
  • Children (6-12) $5.50

School & Tour Group Rates

  • Adults $7.50
  • Seniors & Veterans $6.50
  • Students $5.50
  • Children (6-12) $4.50

    Children 5 and under FREE


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Events at The Ninepipes Museum

Plan your visit around one of our fun and educational events at Ninepipes Museum!

Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana is listed as a Blue Star Memorial Museum, able to offer free admission to the nation’s active duty military personnel and their families, including National Guard and Reserve, from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Things to do
& places to visit

The Ninepipes Museum is surrounded by some of the most sought after destinations, landmarks & wonders in the USA.

The Nature Trail

At Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana

The Ninepipes Museum nature trails is a short walk on a gravel trail through manicured grounds. The views of the Mission Mountains is quite magnificent. The Nature Trail is bordered by the Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge, a nationally recognized bird watching area with Fish and Wildlife land on all sides. With ample benches and a duck filled pond throughout the peaceful walk, the Ninepipes Nature Trail allows a break from the traffic and noise of US Highway 93.

CSKT Bison Range

Twelve miles from The Ninepipes Museum

The Bison Range is a nature reserve on the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana established for the conservation of American bison. Formerly called the National Bison Range, the size of the bison herd at the BR is 350 adult bison and welcomes between 50-60 calves per year.

Ninepipes National Wildflife Refuge

A four minute drive from Ninepipes Museum

Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge is a 4,027-acre National Wildlife Refuge and has many outstanding opportunities available for wildlife observation, photography, fishing, hiking, biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. It was established in 1921 and is in the center of a glacial terminal moraine with a high density of small wetlands and upland grasses.

Ninepipes Lodge & Allentown Restaurant

Neighboring The Ninepipes Museum

Next door from the Ninepipes Museum is the Ninepipes Lodge and Allentown Restaurant offering comfortable, conveniently located lodging, as well as a restaurant and sports bar. The views from the dining room are breathtaking.

Mission Mountains

The backdrop of the Ninepipes Museum

Spanning over 45-miles, the rugged peaks of the Mission Range jut right out of the valley floor with no foothills. The impressive terrain of the Missions is dotted with alpine lakes, small glaciers, timbered slopes, and vertical cliffs, ranging in elevation from 4,500 feet up to McDonald Peak, at 9,820 feet. This wild wilderness is a an adventurers dream and a beauty to view from the Ninepipes Museum Nature Trail.

Seli’š Ksanka Qlispe’ Dam

Previously known as the Kerr Dam.

A 30 minute drive from The Ninepipes Museum, this concrete arch-type dam stands at 205 feet high, which is higher than Niagara Falls. Walk down the 1,000 feet of wooden steps to a covered viewing area right above the falls and enjoy 360° views of the Flathead River, vertical cliffs and glimpses of Montana wildlife. This is a must-see if you are in the area!

The museum is located halfway between Missoula and Kalispell on Highway 93, near the National Bison Range and the Owl Research Institute.

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