Montana Office of Tourism Grant completed:

June 24, 2022 by Ninepipes Museum

Ninepipes Museum has completed a grant received in 2021 from the Montana Department of Commerce through the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development. This grant supported our vision to engage online and international visitors with our extensive collection by creating an online catalog, and we now have the foundation ‘bones’ of future marketing in place with the Online Catalog as the connection point for visitors online planning a trip to this region. The project included setting up metrics to collect analytic data and measure website engagement. Implementing these mechanisms allows us to continue to build an online presence to draw visitors to our museum and our valley. The project was the creation of Zen Parry of Trepademics LLC, who along with Collections Coordinator Amy Webster, carried out this ambitious project.

We offer our deep appreciation to The Montana Office of Tourism and Tourism Grant Program Manager Michele Cushman. The Online Catalog can be viewed on our website.

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