Foundation for Montana History Grant Awarded:
Resonance, Voices That Shaped the Ninepipes Museum

April of 2024 by Ninepipes Museum

Ninepipes Museum is pleased to announce it was recently awarded a grant through the foundation for Montana History.

The project involves recording the stories of the collection through the people of the Flathead Reservation in collaboration with Aspen and Cameron Decker, owners of Xwlxwilt, LLC., who will create a series of podcast episodes from elders’ interviews. The recordings will be able to be used as educational material to speak to visitors about life on the Flathead reservation, and to engage the community with its own voice through cross-cultural perspectives.

The project ultimately aims to build and sustain museum educational programming to transfer inter-generational knowledge of the reservation and the museum collection through storytelling, technology, and museum visits, lending important context and history to various objects in the collection that will otherwise not be captured as time moves on. We hope to help the voices of the ancestors find a way to the ears of their descendants and connect the past and present.

Ninepipes Museum is deeply grateful to the Foundation for Montana History for providing funds for this project.

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