Collections Policy Manual

February 4, 2022 by Volunteer Curator

When Amy Webster walked into the museum a few years ago, she saw a small museum with potential and work that needed doing with our collection. She volunteered her professional services to get the ball rolling, resulting in a series of steps to improve preservation and cataloging procedures for the museum collection. Her latest project includes a specialized collections policy and procedure manual, an important core document for all museums, which serves to demonstrate to the public that the museum holds its collections to the highest standards of ethical, legal and professional care while simultaneously fulfilling its mission. It aligns with the code of ethics set forth by the American Alliance of Museums and serves as an example for other museums around the valley. She’s been researching and writing all winter and is ready for the next phase — professional, employee, board and other reviews. The project will be completed and ready for Board approval by the end of June. A generous grant from The Montana History Foundation has made this essential project possible! History lovers, check out this stellar organization on their website, https//

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