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Chief Paul Charlo
Eneas Conko
Chief Eagle

Antione Ninepipes
  Antoine was born in 1840 and died in 1922. He was the son of Chief Joseph Ninepipes and was known for being a great buffalo hunter and warrior. In his later life he had several scars from numerous battles on the Plains with enemy tribes.

The Ninepipes Museum was named in honor of Chief Joseph Ninepipes.

Helen Ninepipes

Chief Moise
Louise Conko

The Student
by Rich Sanders
Mountain Mischief
by Donna J Toelke

Two Cowboys
Ravalli Hotel
1910 Allard Stage Line
Chief Koostata

Chippawa Cree Camp, 1890
Flathead, 1900

A True Girl of the West
Don Claffey
Steve Small Salmon

Grace (Cheff) Pumala
Bud Cheff Sr.

Nez Pierce
Joe LaMoose & E. S. Paxson
Mary Michal

Jackson Sundown
Black Wolf
Sam Resurrection

Charlie Russell
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